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GTT 2 : Geometry and Topology in Tunisia II
Jul 17, 2021 to Jul 17, 2021

Location : MSB-SMU - Lac II - Tunisie

This workshop brings together Geometers and Topologists from across Tunisian universities to discuss recent contributions to the field, and to build collaborations.

GTT2 is the continuation of this workshop which is organized on a yearly basis, with future programs aimed at increased international exposure.

GTT2 will take place at MSB-MedTech in Lac II in Tunis.

Registration is now open/Les inscriptions sont ouvertes sur le site.

Organizing Commitee:
Ines Saihi, Ali Baklouti, Sadok Kallel, Moez Bouzouita


Moncef Ghazel (Faculté des Sciences de Tunis, Tunis ElManar)
Sur Quelques Constructions Topologiques

Résumé:   L'objectif est l'exposition de certaines constructions topologiques classiques et  d'étudier leurs propriétés catégoriques ainsi que homotopiques.

Walid Taamallah (Ecole Preparatoire IPEIEM, Université Tunis ElManar)
Invariants Combinatoires des Espaces Stratifiables

Résumé:  Dans ce travail nous étendons la construction de l'anneau de Grothendieck des varietes algebriques aux catégories dont les objets sont partitionnés en strates qui vérifient des propriétés bien définies. Plus précisément, ces strates sont localement compactes et cohomologiquement de type fini.  On construit alors un morphisme motivique qui nous permet de calculer des invariants combinatoires et dans des cas favorables des calculs de caractéristiques d'Euler topologiques sont obtenus. Travail en collaboration avec Sadok Kallel.


Imed Kedim (Université de Sfax et )
To be announced.


Ali Maalaoui (Clark University, USA and AURAK, UAE)
Compactness of Dirac-Einstein structures in dimensions 3 and 4 and the moduli space of horizontal deformations

Abstract: In this talk I will introduce the structure of Dirac-Einstein spin manifolds with focus on the scalar positive case in dimensions 3 and 4. These structures appear as the critical points of the Hilbert-Einstein functional coupled with a spinorial interaction involving the Dirac operator. I will show that under reasonable conditions, one has compactness of these structures. The second part of my will be dedicated to the study of the second variation of the functional and the study of the moduli space of horizontal deformations.

Bilel Kadri (Faculte des Sciences de Sfax)
On the Chabauty space of closed subgroups of a locally compact group

Abstract: Let G be a locally compact  group  and let SUB(G) be its  hyperspace  of closed  subgroups endowed with the Chabauty topology. We say that G is approximable by totally disconnected subgroups, if there is a sequence of closed totally disconnected subgroups converging to G in SUB(G).  In this talk, I will show that every pro-torus is approximable by pro-finite subgroups. Moreover, I will provide a characterization of the approximation of compact groups. On the other hand, the second part of the talk is devoted to studying the connectedness of the Chabauty space SUB(G).



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Jul 17, 2021 to Jul 17, 2021

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