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MIMS is a non-profit institution whose budget relies primarily on corporate and individual donations, little on governmental funds. MIMS therefore needs the support of benefactors from within Tunisia and outside to carry out its activities. Your financial contribution is vital to maintaining our activities and garantying their success. Please consider supporting MIMS initiatives at any level and help us materialize the opportunities we offer to students, educators and researchers across Tunisia and the Southern Mediterranean region as a whole.

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On behalf of MIMS, thank you very much.

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A fund has been setup to collect all donations. With your support, the Abbes Bahri Visitng Position Fund will be used to strengthen mathematical research in Tunisia and to give faculty (researchers and postgraduates) an opportunity for close collaboration with mathematicians of the highest caliber. Your gifts are essential to the functioning of this fund, and your support will help keep mathematical research in Tunisia vibrant, consistent with A. Bahri’s vision and struggle.

Donated funds will be used exclusively to pay for the fellowship (travel, accommodation and daily allowance for fellows). For wire transfer, please find the details next.




Gold Sponsor: ASSAD, African leader

in design, distribution and recycling of accumulators


Southern Mediterranean University



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