Mathematics in Tunisia

Associations and Centers

La société Mathématique de Tunisie
Département de Mathématiques
Faculté des Sciences de Tunis-2092, Tunis-Tunisie.
(One of the oldest and most active math societies in Africa)

Association Tunisienne des Sciences Mathématiques
ATSM, Le Bardo, Tunis.
Founded in 1968. Prepares students for the International Mathematical Olympiads.

Association Tunisienne de Compétitions et de Culture Mathématiques
Mahdia, Tunisia. Prepares students for the International Mathematical Olympiads.

The Tunisian Association of Applied and Industrial Mathematics (ATMAI)
Promotes research in applied mathematics, and bring together applied mathematicians and industrialists.

Tunisian Women Mathematics Association

Computing Center El Khawarizmi
Campus Universitaire, Tunis 1060
Tel.: 512 756 216-1 - Fax: 511 032 216-1.

Science and Technology

National Institute of Scientific and Technical Research (INRST)
Bordj Cedria, B.P. 95, 2050 Hammam Lif
Tel.: 430 215 216-1 - Fax: 430 934 216-1.
(The INRST interested in plant biotechnology, applied chemistry, the
earth science, environmental protection, and I'énergétique desalination of water.)

The Regional Institute of Computer Science and Telecommunications (IRSIT)
2 rue Ibn Nadim, Montplaisir, Tunis.
(The IRSIT develops research in the fields of IT and new communication technologies).

The National Institute of Science and Technology of the Sea
28 rue du March 2, 1934, 2025 Salambo.

Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax
B.P. 358, KM4, road Soukra, 3038 Sfax
Tel: 274 110 216-4 - Fax: 275 970 216-4.

The National Center for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNSTN)
Imm. MAGHREBIA, Bd November 7, 1060 Tunis.
(The CNSTN conducts studies and research in the areas of
use for peaceful nuclear technology.)

The Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax (CBS)
B.P. 3038 Sfax.
(The center focuses on the production of enzymes and metabolites, improved by genetic engineering of plant species and treatment of industrial waste).

The Pasteur Institute
Rue Ernest Board, 1002 Tunis,
(This institute is responsible for conducting all investigations. ~ Mission analysis or scientific research or public health interest to human or animal health).

University National Center of Scientific and Technical Documentation
1 avenue de France, Tunis 1000
Tel.: 336 708 216-1 - Fax: 354 216 216-1.