Mims Mandate

Mediterranean Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (MIMS) was founded in January 14, 2012. This Institute is non-profit and independent.

The multi-faceted mission of this institute is to :

1. Be a rallying point for the growing community of mathematicians in Tunisia and in the Mediterranean region, with the idea of fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas, all in an engaging environment.

2. Strengthen education in and public awareness of the mathematical sciences.

3. Train future generations of mathematicians and help them mature within a unique mathematical environment.

4. Develop mathematical applications appropriate to local needs and expertise.

5. Facilitate the training of highly qualified personnel. Increasingly, employers are looking for graduates with strong skills in reasoning and problem solving - just the skills that are developed in a mathematics and statistics degree.

MIMS will strive to bridge the gap between mathematical research north and south of the Mediterranean. Like other existing institutes, MIMS will be interdisciplinary bringing together fine scientists with various backgrounds, for interaction and collaboration.

MIMS will also strive to work hand in hand with sister institutions in Africa and in the developping world. In particular, MIMS will seek to attract many of the Tunisian and North African mathematical talents that now orbit around the world. It will boost the quality and quantity of mathematical research in south of the mediterranean and its impact shall reverberate across the entire African continent.

MIMS mode of operation consists in holding regular thematic programs ranging from hot topics workshops to seminars and public lectures. It will in due time offer visiting positions for working mathematicians from around the world.


A recent excellent piece by Harry Tamvakis can be read HERE on the AMS Notices