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Applied Mathematics Webinar
Sep 15, 2020 to Dec 15, 2020

Location : ONLINE

The Webinar is scheduled 1 to 2 times per month,
on Tuesday from 5 pm to 6.20 pm (KSA: UTC+3)
Partial Differential Equations – Scientific Computing - Inverse Problems - Control – Stochastic Calculus.
Link Website (details Program and Zoom link with registration):

Presentation : This initiative was launched to create a working group and webinar on the themes of interest to the research unit to which Nabil Gmati belongs. Some partner universities (Jeddah, Riadh, Tunis) are associated to this project . The main objective is to bring together faculty/researchers in Applied Mathematics, based primarily in Saudi Arabia, around a seminar organized by the research team in Applied Mathematics of the College of Sciences of Imam Abdurrahmane Bin Faisal University.

This webinar will take place every two weeks. Duration 50 minutes per presentation, followed by a 20-30 minute QA session. The presentations will take place on the Zoom platform.

A large number of faculty-researchers in France and Tunisia, part of our Scientific network, were invited to speak and many have agreed.

All members of this group will obviously be able to suggest speakers or give talks themselves in this seminar.

This seminar may become the regular seminar of several universities at any time, if the members of this group so wish.

Belonging to this group may be an opportunity to learn about the activities of each of its members, in order to identify sub-groups that will be able to carry out research or article projects around common themes.


Organizing Commitee:
Nabil Gmati

lien site web: (avec le programme de l'année)

lien site web: (avec le programme de l'année)

lien site web: (avec le programme de l'année)

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Sep 15, 2020 to Dec 15, 2020

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