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Sep 12, 2020 to Sep 19, 2020

Location : ONLINE: BIZERTE, Tunisia

In spite of the exceptional situation due to the covid-19 worldwide event, the INDRUM organizing committee is pleased to announce that INDRUM2020 will still be held, in the form of an online conference, in the middle of September. The decision to run INDRUM2020 online was not an easy one for the IPC to take as so much effort was invested by the organizing committee in Tunisia in preparing to welcome the delegates in Bizerte. Given uncertainty about travelling however, we see this as a sensible decision. The dates and the timetable have been adjusted to take into consideration, to the best of our knowledge, the other academic duties during this period of the year. In particular, TWG sessions have been reduced in comparison with the initial schedule and the training session for early career researchers has been removed. This has allowed us to fit the conference in eight days with sessions of no more than two hours per day. We hope that you will find it possible to participate and enjoy the scientific programme nonetheless! We also welcome newcomers to the online conference, which will be accessible upon free registration online. Please, read the full text of the 4th announcement as it includes crucial practical information.

As noted in previous announcements, INDRUM2020 is the third conference of the International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics. Initiated by an international team of researchers in didactics of mathematics, INDRUM aims to contribute to the development of research in didactics of mathematics at all levels of tertiary education, with a particular concern for the development of new researchers in the field and for dialogue with mathematicians. The themes to be addressed at INDRUM2020 cover teacher and student practices and the teaching and learning of specific mathematical topics at undergraduate and post-graduate level as well as across disciplines. The target audience of this conference is researchers in didactics of mathematics, mathematicians, as well as teachers and researchers who are interested in these issues. The programme of the conference comprises: a plenary talk by Carl Winsløw (University of Copenhagen, Denmark); an expert panel discussion on higher education in the “digital age”; four thematic working groups; and, short communications in parallel. The main language of the conference is English. There is the possibility to present a paper in French or Arabic as long as the presenter considers how to address the conference audience through slides in English (or both English and one of the other two languages). Pre-conference proceedings are distributed to registered participants through the website. The final version of the proceedings will be posted on the open archive HAL (


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Sep 12, 2020 to Sep 19, 2020

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