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Mar 27, 2020 to Mar 29, 2020

Location : Hotel Bizerta Resort, Bizerte, Tunisia

INDRUM2020 is the third conference of the International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics, to be held March 27-29 in Bizerte (Tunisia).

This Conference falls within the activities of the research project INDRUM (acronym for International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics), which has been initiated by an international team of researchers in didactics of mathematics. This research project is intended to contribute to the development of research in didactics of mathematics at all levels of tertiary education, with a particular concern for the development of new researchers in the field and for dialogue with mathematicians. The INDRUM initiative project has several objectives, including:

  1.     elaborating a scientific programme in order to network researchers in this field from around the world;
  2.     developing international collaborations by responding to project funding calls at all levels (local, regional, European, international);
  3.     enhancing the visibility of this research area for the communities of mathematics education and mathematics;
  4.     contributing to the development of doctoral programmes in the field.

The themes to be addressed at INDRUM 2020 will build on those addressed at the previous INDRUM conferences (INDRUM 2016, 2018) and will cover teacher and student practices and the teaching and learning of specific mathematical topics at undergraduate and post-graduate level as well as across disciplines. The target audience of this conference is researchers in didactics of mathematics, mathematicians as well as teachers and researchers who are interested in these issues. The organisation of the conference will comprise: a plenary talk by Carl Winsløw (University of Copenhagen, Denmark); an expert panel discussion on higher education in the “digital age”; four to six thematic working groups (six hours each); short communications in parallel (two sessions of 1h 30min) and a poster exhibition. Pre-conference proceedings will be distributed to registered participants. The final version of the proceedings will be posted on the open archive HAL(

For up to date information, we invite you to consult the conference website that will be regularly updated: This website also announces a side event “special day in honour of Viviane Durand-Guerrier for her retirement”, that will be held in Bizerte, Tunisia, on March 26, 2020, which you are welcome to attend.



Organizing Commitee:
Faïza Chellougui (Bizerte, Tunisia) Chair Rahim Kouki (Tunis, Tunisia) Co-chair Mahdi Abdeljaouad (Tunis, Tunisia), Sonia Ben Nejma (Bizerte, Tunisia), Béchir Dali (Bizerte, Tunisia), Viviane Durand-Guerrier (Montpellier, France), Imène Ghedamsi (Tunis, Tunisia), Inès Jendoubi (Tunis, Tunisia), Faten Khalloufi (Bizerte, Tunisia), Mahel Mosbah (Tunis, Tunisia)

Scientific Commitee:
Thomas Hausberger (Montpellier, France) Chair Marianna Bosch (Barcelona, Spain) Co-chair Faïza Chellougui (Bizerte, Tunisia), Viviane Durand-Guerrier (Montpellier, France), Imène Ghedamsi (Tunis, Tunisia), Simon Goodchild (Kristiansand, Norway), Reinhard Hochmuth (Hannover, Germany), Elena Nardi (Norwich, United Kingdom), Chris Rasmussen (San Diego, United States), Maria Trigueros (Mexico City, Mexico)


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Details and registration on

Lieu de INDRUM2020

Le colloque INDRUM2020, aura lieu à l’hôtel Bizerta Resort ( qui  permettra  de  suivre  les  conférences,  les  travaux  des  groupes  de  travail  (6  groupes)  et assurera également l’hébergement pour ceux qui le désirent.D’autres hôtels sont à proximité du lieu du colloque, nous citons entre autres;  Résidence Andalucia  (,   Hôtel  Nour  (

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Mar 27, 2020 to Mar 29, 2020

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