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New trends in analysis and probability
Sep 23, 2019 to Sep 26, 2019

Location : Hammamet, Tunisia

NTAP 2019

The NTAP 2019 conference will focus on recent advances in analysis and probability and will bring together researchers from various fields who are interested in this topic. The essential goal is to stimulate international collaboration and to promote interaction and exchange of ideas. This first edition of NTAP will be devoted to PDE, stochastic modeling and numerical analysis. 

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Organizing Commitee:
Aloui Lassaad. Chouchene Frej. El Mabrouk Khalifa. Kamoun Ines. Khenissi Moez. Roche Jean-Rodolphe.

Scientific Commitee:
Ammari Kais. Dozzi Marco. Antoine Xavier. Robbiano Luc. Dehman Belhassen. Vallois Pierre.

  • Abidi Hammadi  (University of Tunis El Manar )
  • Baalal Azeddine (University of Hassan II Casablanca)
  • Ben Jemaa Mondher (University of Sfax)
  • Bonnet Anne-Sophie (ENSTA, ParisTech)
  • Dozzi Marco (University of Lorraine)
  • Gasmi Soufiane (University of Tunis)
  • Haddar Houssem (Ecole Polytechnique de Paris)
  • Hansen Wolfhard (University of Bielefeld)
  • Joly Patrick (ENSTA, ParisTech)
  • Monmarché Pierre (University of Sorbonne )
  • Royer Julien (University of Toulouse)
  • Scheid Jean-François (University of Lorraine)
  • Soccorsi Eric (University of Aix Marseille)
  • Vallois Pierre (University of Lorraine)
  • Zili Mounir (University of Monastir)

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Sep 23, 2019 to Sep 26, 2019

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