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Processus de Levy et Autosimilarité
Oct 28, 2013 to Nov 05, 2013

Location : Institut Pasteur, Tunis

This is a CIMPA school coupled with a conference under the name "Lévy Processes and Self similarity". The aim of these events is to bring together specialized researchers and young researchers in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge on the topic. 

The conference is a follow up to those organised in Clermont-Ferrand (2002),Toulouse (2005), Angers (2009) and Le Touquet-Paris-Plage (2011).

The CIMPA School is dedicated  to  the same theme. It is composed by   five courses  which are presented in the program. The conferencers  are Philippe Biane, Loic Chaumont, Sonia Fourati, Jean Jacod and René Schilling. 

During this event, some working groups and round tables on probability and statistics theroy and their applications will take place and will be devoted to the reinforcement of the cooperation on the subject between France and Tunisia and more generally between Maghreb and Europe.

This event will be held in Tunis from October 28th to November 2nd and then move to the touristic area  Nabeul-Hammamet until November 9 th.

Organizing Commitee:
ANR (Sonia Fourati et Wissem Jedidi)


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Oct 28, 2013 to Nov 05, 2013

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