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Operads and Configuration Spaces
Jun 18, 2012 to Jun 18, 2012

Location : Cité des Sciences de Tunis

This is a 4 day conference which will bring together young researchers in the field of algebraic topology and homotopy theory. It will present new results and applications of configuration spaces (cell structures, compactification, fat diagonals, link spaces, classifying spaces, etc).

The conference will consist in a series of lectures given by Christophe Cazanave, Jeff Giansiracusa, Paolo Salvatore, Ismar Volic, Ben Walter.

This conference is the first to be held by MIMS. It will take place at the Cité des Sciences, in Tunis capital city.

Organizing Commitee:
Sadok Kallel (Tunis), Paolo Salvatore (Rome). Team in Tunisia: Ines Saihi, Walid Taamallah

Scientific Commitee:
Sadok Kallel, Paolo Salvatore

MIMS, CIMPA, Laboratoire LATAO

Speakers: Paolo Salvatore, Jeffrey Giansiracusa, Ismar Volic, Ben Walter, Christophe Cazanave, Fatiha Gherib, Hasni Abdelbasset, Ines Saihi, Sadok Kallel

Paolo Salvatore:  Cellular decompositions of configuration spaces

Jeffrey Giansiracusa: Modular envelopes and moduli spaces of surfaces

Ben Walter : Operads and Coalgebras

Ismar Volic: Configuration space integrals, operad formality, and the cohomology of knot and link spaces

Christophe Cazanave: The homotopy type of the space of rational functions

Abdelbasset Hasni: Propriétés géométriques de la géométrie de Thurston Nil4

Fatma Gherib:   La symétrie extrinsèque dans les espaces de Sasaki généralisés

Ines Saihi: Stable homotopy groups of Moore spaces

Sadok Kallel: Geometry and topology of configuration spaces of bounded multiplicity


   10:00  11:10    14:00  15h00


 Walter  Salvatore  lunch  Cazanave  Hasni


 Giansiracusa  Volic  lunch  Gherib  Saihi


 Walter  Salvatore  lunch  Free  Free


 Giansiracusa  Volic  lunch  Kallel Cazanave


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Jun 18, 2012 to Jun 18, 2012

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