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Rabat-CIMPA Summer School
Jul 09, 2016 to Jul 21, 2016

Location : Universite Internationale de Rabat (UIR), Morocco

This Research School is addressed graduate students and young researchers in Geometry, Topology and Mathematical Physics, although undergraduates and senior researchers in other areas may profit of the introductory lectures too, and are warmly invited to join the School.

The main goal is to provide participants with a solid background in Algebraic Topology, and more specifically in Rational Homotopy Theory. This will be used as the starting point and common framework for the presentation of current research topics including operads, string topology, applied topology, and algebraic geometry.

We planned 30 hours of courses, 14 hours of exercises or/and discussion sessions, and 6x20mn-communications. The first and introductory course on the subject will be taught in French, while the other courses will be taught in English.

We have maximized the number of senior speakers in the courses so providing the PhD students with the opportunity of creating connections with well established researchers upon they may build a future research career.

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Organizing Commitee:
My Ismail Mamouni, CRMEF Rabat, Hassan Aaya, Univ. Casablanca, Khalid Boutahir, Univ. Meknes, Mouna Chentoufi, UIR, Rabat, Nadir Maaroufi, Rim Rahmani, M'Feddal Hilali, UIR, Rabat, Morocco.

Scientific Commitee:
Cristina Costoya, Univ. Coruna, Sadok Kallel, Americain Univ. Sharjah, Pascal Lambrechts, Univ. Louvain, Anicieto Murillo, Univ. Malaga, Mohamed Rachid Hilali, Univ. Casablanca, Samuel Bruce Smith, Univ. Saint Joseph, Bruno Vallette, Univ. Nice, Lucile Vandembroucq, Univ. Braga.

CNRS, Cimpa, MIMS, Cuny NY, Clay Institute, Compositio Foudnation, UIR.

  1. Urtzi Buijs, Univ. Louvain, Belgium
  2. David Chataur, Univ. Lille, France
  3. Joana Cirici, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
  4. Cameron Crow, Stony Brook University (SUNY), USA
  5. Cristina Costoya, Univ. Coruna, Spain
  6. Bora Ferlengez, Hunter College of CUNY, USA
  7. Mohamed Rachid Hilali, Univ. Casablanca, Morocco
  8. Pascal Lambrechts, Univ. Louvain, Belgium
  9. My Ismail Mamouni, CRMEF Rabat, Morocco
  10. Anicieto Murillo, Univ. Malaga, Spain
  11. Youssef Rami, Univ. Meknes, Morocco
  12. Jose Luis Rodriguez, Univ. Almeria, Spain
  13. Samuel Bruce Smith, Univ. Saint Joseph, USA
  14. Paolo Salvatore, Univ. Roma, Italy
  15. Paul-Arnaud Songhafouo Tsopméné, Univ. Louvain, Belgium
  16. Lucile Vandembroucq, Univ. Braga, Portugal
  17. Antonio Viruel, Univ. Malaga, Spain
List of participants to this conference
Jul 09, 2016 to Jul 21, 2016

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