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11th European-Maghrebian Workshop on Semi group Theory Evolution Equations and Applications
Sep 03, 2018 to Sep 07, 2018

Location : Hammamet, Tunisia

Since the late 90s the Euro-Maghrebian Workshops on Evolutions Equations have been organized biannually by working groups in Germany, Italy and France, as well as Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.  In these conferences we put a special emphasis on mini courses about recent topics in the field.  The history of this series of workshops is documented on this webpage.

The dynamical behavior of many systems in science and technology can be described by evolution equations. The fundamental examples such as wave and Schrödinger, reaction-diffusion, and Navier Stokes equations are the mathematical foundation for the modeling of countless problems coming from, e.g., nonlinear optics, chemical reactions, population dynamics, and fluid mechanics. Important topics are the qualitative and longtime behavior of solutions, control and inverse problems, or stochastic equations. Within a functional analytic framework, the methods in the area of evolution equations include PDE techniques, harmonic analysis, operator and spectral theory, and stochastic analysis. This wide range of topics is reflected by the invited speakers of this year's workshop.

For this year's edition, the organizing committee is able to provide financial support for a few participants from developping countries. Interested candidates should send their request and CV to one of the organizers :;

Organizing Commitee:
Kais Ammari, Mohamed Ali Jendoubi, Sami Mourou, Slim Tayachi.

Scientific Commitee:
A. Aibeche, K. Ammari, W. Arendt, M. Hieber, M.A. Jendoubi, A. Lunardi, L. Maniar, J.M. Mazon, G. Metafune, R. Nagel, E. Ouhabaz, D. Pallara, A. Rhandi, S. Tayachi.

Mini -courses :

  • Danielle Hilhorst  (Paris-Saclay, France)
    “Singular limits and large time behavior of solutions of Lotka-Volterra reaction-diffusion systems”
  • Taoufik Hmidi  (Rennes 1, France)
    “Discontinuous and smooth relative equilibria in geophysical flows”

One-hour lectures :

  • Chérif Amrouche  (Pau, France)
  • Rachid Assel  (Monastir, Tunisie)
  • Sami Baraket  (Tunis-Elmanar, Tunisie)
  • Said Boulite  (Marrakech, Maroc)
  • Khalil Ezzinbi  (Marrakech, Maroc)
  • Thierry Horsin  (CNAM Paris, France)
  • Morgan Pierre  (Poitiers, France)
  • Abdelaziz Rhandi  (Salerno, Italy)
  • Roland Schnaubelt (Karlsruhe, Germany)
  • Philippe Souplet (Paris, France)




11th European-Maghrebian Workshop on Semigroup Theory


Evolution Equations, and Applications


Hammamet, september 03 - september 07, 2018




Monday september 03




Morning Session, Chairman : Thierry Horsin


Opening of the workshop and welcome of the participants.


Abdelaziz Rhandi (Salerno). Elliptic operators with unbounded coefficients : generation and kernel estimates


Said Boulite (Marrakech). Feedback regulation problem for linear systems.


Coffee break.


Danielle Hilhorst (Paris-Saclay). Singular limits and large time behavior for a m-component competition-di usion system. (Part 1)




Afternoon Session 1, Chairman : Sami Baraket


Lahcen Maniar (Marrakech). Null controllability of Parabolic equations with Dynamic boundary conditions.


Salah-Eddine Chor  (Marrakech).  Lipschitz stability in inverse parabolic problem with dynamic boundary conditions by Carleman estimate.


Coffee break.


Afternoon Session 2, Chairman : Morgan Pierre


Omar Oukdach (Marrakech).  Cost of approximate controllability of heat equation with dynamical boundary conditions.


Hedi Bouzidi (Tunis El Manar). Null Boundary Controllability of the Linear Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation with Variable Coefficients.


Houda Azaza (Sousse). Stabilisation indirecte des systemes couples d'equations hyperboliques sur un domaine exterieur.


Maroua Gozzi (Carthage). Asymptotic expansions of the largest eigenvalues.




                   Tuesday september 04

                   Morning Session, Chairman : Abdelaziz Rhandi

0730-0830     Breakfast.

0900-0950     Cherif Amrouche (Pau). Elliptic Problems in Smooth and Non Smooth Do-mains.

1000-1050     Morgan Pierre (Poitiers). Some recent developments on the longtime

                   behaviour of discretized Allen-Cahn equations.

1100-1130     Coffee break.

1130-1220     Danielle Hilhorst (Paris-Saclay). Large time behavior of the solution

                 of a nonlinear diffusion problem in anthropology (Part 2)

1230           Lunch.

                  Afternoon Session 1, Chairman : Said Boulite

1500-1550    Taoufik Hmidi (Rennes). Discontinuous and smooth relative equilibria

                  in geophysical flows. (Part 1)

1600-1620    Abdelkerim Chaabani (Tunis-El Manar). Study of 3D Burgers equation in critical

                  Gevrey-Sobolev space.

1630-1700    Coffee break.

                Afternoon Session 2, Chairman : Taoufik Hmidi

1700-1720 Rim Nasfi (Tunis-El Manar). Exponential mixing and ergodic theorems for a damped

               nonlinear wave equation with spacetime localised noise.

1725-1745 Mohamed Zerguine (Batna). Optimal rate of convergence in Stratified

               Boussinesq system.

1750-1810  Cristan Tacelli (Salerno).  Weighted Hardy's inequalities and Kolmogorov-

               type operators.

1815-1835 Dhaou Lassoued (Tunis-El Manar). Exponential stability and uniform boundedness

               of solutions for nonautonomous periodic abstract Cauchy problems. An evolution semigroup approach.

1930             Dinner.

                  Wednesday september 05


Morning Session, Chairman : Roland Schnaubelt




Phillipe Souplet (Paris). Diffusive Hamilton-Jacobi equations and their singularities.


Thierry Horsin (CNAM Paris). Prescribing the motion of a  fluid from theory to applications.


Coffee break.


Taoufik Hmidi (Rennes).  Discontinuous and smooth relative equilibria in geophysical  flows. (Part 2)




                    Thursday september 06








Morning Session, Chairman : Cherif Amrouche




Roland Schnaubelt (Karlsruhe), Decay of quasilinear Maxwell equations with conductivity.




Taoufik Hmidi (Rennes).

Discontinuous and smooth relative equilibria in geophysical  flows. (Part 3)




Coffee break.





Danielle Hilhorst (Paris-Saclay). Singular limit of a Lotka-Volterra reaction-diffusion-ODE system with the super imposed interaction between two Neolithic populations. (Part 3)










Afternoon Session 1, Chairman : Rachid Assel




Sahbi Boussandel (Carthage). Existence of solutions of evolution equations in Hilbert and Banach spaces with anti-periodic boundary conditions




Radhia Ayechi (Sousse).

Estimation de la resolvante pour un systeme des equations d'onde couples.




Jihed Hedhly (Carthage). Eigenvalue Ratios For Schr•odinger Operators With Indefinite Potentials.




Nawal Irzi (Tunis-El Manar). Nonhomogeneous p(x)-Laplacian Steklov problem with weights.




Coffee break.






Afternoon Session 2, Chairman : Sami Mourou




Zied Khemiri (Tunis-El Manar). On Spike solutions for a singularly perturbed problem in a compact Riemannian manifold.




Sallah-Eddine Boutiah (Setif).  Kernel estimates for elliptic operators with unbounded di usion, drift and potential terms.




Mouldi Seddik (Tunis-El Manar). Liouville type results for a class of quasilinear parabolic problems.




Imen Nouira (Sousse). Equation de Schr•odinger regularisee : approche numerique.








                  Friday september 07

                  Morning Session, Chairman : Danielle Hilhorst

0730-0830  Breakfast.

0900-0950  Rachid Assel (Monastir). On the stabilization of some

                unbounded quantum graphs.

1000-1050  Sami Baraket (Tunis). The effects of a discontinuous weight for a problem with

                a critical nonlinearity.

1100-1130  Coffee break.


1230           Lunch.


Deadline: if you wish to give a talk, please submit your request before July 10. Abstracts must be sent to Prof. M.A. Jendoubi

Registration fees: 600 Tunisian Dinars for local students and 300 euros for international students.

Financial support: we will be able to offer local support to 10 students from developping countries (on request, with priority granted to those giving short communications).

No travel support is available.

The congress will take place at the hotel : Eden Village Yadis Hammamet

Zone touristique | Hammamet NordHammamet 8050, Tunisie.

List of participants to this conference
Sep 03, 2018 to Sep 07, 2018

Participant Institution
EL MUSTAPHA AIT BEN HASSI Cadi Ayyad university
Lassaad Aloui FST
Kais Ammari University of Monastir
Mohamed Ali Ayadi Faculty of Sciences of Tunis
Habib Ayadi ISMAI-Kairouan
Soumaya Belhaj Ali Mourou Faculty of Sciences of Tunis
Mohamed Ben Mohamed Salah Faculté des Sciences Mathématiques Physiques et Naturelles de Tunis
Marwa BOUALI Tunis El Manar University
Mohamed Amine Boubatra Faculty of science of Tunis
Saoussen Boujemaa Faculté des Sciences de Bizerte
SAMIR BOUJIJANE Cadi Ayyad University
Hanen Boujlida ESSTHS
Sahbi Boussandel Faculté des Sciences de Bizerte
Sallah Eddine Boutiah University of Setif-1
Hedi Bouzidi Faculté des Sciences de Tunis El Manar
Abdelkerim Chaabani FST, Université El Manar
Rima Chetouane Faculté des sciences de Tunis
Amel Chouichi Faculté des sciences de Tunis
Douha Draouil FST
Nadia Drisi Cadi Ayyad University
Radhia Ghanmi FST
Mohamed Habibi IPEST
Imen Hajri Institut Supérieur des Etudes Appliquées en Humanités de Mahdia
Mohamed Halloumi Cadi Ayyad University
hezzi hanen FST
Abdelwaheb Ifa Higher Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of Kairouan, the University of Kairouan
Boukhris Ilhem ESST Hammam sousse
Nouira Imen École supérieure des sciences et de la technologie de Hammam Sousse
Nawal Irz Faculté des Sciences de Tunis
Imed Jabbari Ecole Polytechnique de Tunis
Refki Jammazi FST El Manar
Mohamed Ali Jendoubi Carthage
saoussan kallel FST
KHALIL Kamal Cadi Ayyad University, Faculty of Sciences Semlalia
ines kamoun ESST Hammam Sousse
Zied Khemiri Faculty of Sciences of Tunis
Dhaou Lassoued Faculté des Sciences de Gabès
Ajibi Lola Victoria National Agency For Science and Engineering infrastructure
Nejib Mahmoudi Ipeik
Lahcen Maniar Cadi Ayyad University
Gozzi Maroua Fsb
Soula Marwa FSS
Imen Metoui FST
Antabli Mohamed Faculty of Science Tunis El Manar
Sami Mourou Faculty of Sciences of Tunis
Mehenaoui naima FST
Hatime Naoufel University Sultan Moulay Sliman, Béni Mellal, Morocco
Rim Nasfi FST
Oukdach Omar Faculty of science Semlalia, Cadi Ayyad university, Marrakesh, Morocco
Hamid OUAISSA Faculty of Sciences and Technics Beni Mellal
Rachid OUMMI moulay ismail university, FST Errachidia. Morocco
Hssaine OUMMI University Sultan Moulay Sliman, FST, Béni Mellal, Morocco
Ayechi Radhia ESST Hammam sousse
Chaabane REJEB Institut préparatoire aux études d'ingénieurs El Manar
karima saidi école polytechnique
CHORFI Salah-Eddine Faculty of Sciences Semlalia, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh-Morocco
Mouldi Seddik Faculty of sciences of Tunisia
chemikh smail essa Alger
Saoussen sokrani FST
Cristian Tacelli University of Salerno
Slim Tayachi FST
selmi wafa facultée des sciences de sfax
Mhamdi Zeinab Faculté des sciences de sfax
Mohamed Zerguine LEDPA, Université Batna 2, Faculté des Mathématiques et d'Informatique, Département de Mathématiques, 05000 Batna Algérie